Tyre Replacements – Is It Time Yet?

How to Know When to Replace Your Tyres

Knowing when to swap out your vehicle’s tyres is far from an exact science. Numerous factors determine when it is time to buy new tyres, but in most cases, you can follow the tips listed below.

Going by Kilometres

The average tyre can handle approximately 64,000 km of travel before it becomes unsafe. However, the precise number depends on factors such as prevailing weather conditions, vehicle weight, the kinds of surfaces you drive upon, and the way you treat your tyres. Don’t take the number above as a sure thing; if your tyres are nearing it, though, it’s time to consider buying a new set of all terrain tyres.

Measure Tread Depth

Your vehicle’s tyres should have tread that’s at least .15 centimetres deep. If you’re in an area where the roads are slippery, you’ll want at least twice that much tread. Each time you drive, you leave behind a small amount of tread; it may not seem like much, but it adds up. You don’t have to use a rule to measure tread depth, all you need is a 20c coin. Insert it into the tyre’s tread; if it doesn’t reach the platypus’ bill, it’s time to visit a rim store or tyre shop, as the tread is too thin for you to use the tyres safely. Call us or visit our website to learn about our best deals on tyres and wheels.

Search for Sidewall Cracks

Most of Australia’s drivers don’t pay much attention to their tyres’ sidewalls; many are more focused on their 4X4 rims. However, if your tyres’ sidewalls fail, the whole tyre could come apart. Look for cracking in the sidewall, as it usually resembles dry rot. If you see anything like this, your nitto tyres online are showing their age and are likely leaking air. Get them replaced right away for safety and security. Your sidewalls can become cracked in multiple ways, with exposure and time being the most common culprits. If your wheels are out of alignment, you can expect cracking to come sooner. Poor vehicle alignment causes tyres to contact the road in unexpected ways, which may cause sidewall cracking within a fairly short time period.

You’re Always Filling Them With Air

Sometimes, you just can’t see what is wrong with your tyres. You’ll have to look for hidden signs that something just is not right. Air loss is a relatively easy sign to detect, mainly because it’s so annoying. If you are always putting air in your tyres, you have a leak on your hands. Whilst some leaks are repairable, severe issues require tyre replacement, and you won’t know for sure until you ask a tyre professional to take a look and give you a great deal on a new set of falken tyres for sale. It’s best to check your tyre pressure once per month, and more often during cold times. However, if you’re inflating your tyres more often than once a month, it may be time to replace them.

PractiseTyre Care Awareness

Is it finally time to buy a new set of tyres from a seller of 4wd accessories online? If so, you’re not alone. If you are buying cheap tyres and wheels from 4X4 rims manufacturers for the first time, you may be confused by all the choices that are available. To ensure that you get the right wheels, tyres, and accessories for your vehicle, consult a knowledgeable, reputable, and professional online seller before making a purchase.