LPG Car Conversion Facts

At LPG Auto Network, we make sure that your vehicle’s LPG conversion is done with the best products and with the utmost professional care that your vehicle deserves.

Not every LPG system is suitable for every type of vehicle, so it is important that the right system is matched to your specific vehicle. At LPG Auto Network, we can choose from a large range of LPG Car Conversion products in Melbourne to find the most suitable match to ensure that you have a trouble-free LPG experience. Our expert technicians have a wealth of experience in selecting that right system for each vehicle and ensuring that it installed like it was done in the factory.

Types of Conversions:

1. Air Valve

This type of gas conversion is the cheapest and the most common fitted to vehicles pre 2004.
Air Valve systems work like a carburetta and draw the gas out of the gas mixer into the inlet manifold.

2. Vapour Injection

Most vehicles from 2004 onwards need to have an injection system fitted due to the government’s Emission regulations. It is suitable for vehicles that are EFI.

Vapour Injection systems work by the gas being injected into the combustion chamber of the engine. This increases the fuel economy and power of the vehicle.

3. Liquid Injection

The Liquid Injection system is the latest in gas technological advances. It is suitable for most vehicles that are EFI.

Liquid Injection systems work by the gas being injected into the combustion chamber of the engine in a liquid form. Being cooler than petrol, liquid gas provides more volumetric efficiency in the combustion chamber.

In particular, the power of the vehicle is increased to a greater level than petrol. Economy is also better than Vapour Injection systems.


Using one tank of fuel per week, the average driver could save around $2000 per year.


LPG has fuelled vehicles in many countries for many years with 13 million vehicles operating on LPG worldwide. LPG is the most widely used alternative automotive fuel in Europe. It has been used in vehicles for over 40 years.

In an impact situation, an LPG tank is more robust than a petrol tank as it is more than twice the thickness.

In Australia, the automotive LPG industry is governed by strict standards which not only cover the LPG equipment but the workshops’ facilities and the installers’ qualifications as well. This is strictly controlled by the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB), who register all Victorian workshops that perform LPG conversions. They also carry out regular inspections to ensure that they are complying with the standards.

At LPG Auto Network, we take the utmost care when installing your LPG equipment to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


All LPG Conversions done by LPG Auto Network have a 3 year or 100,000 km warranty on the equipment and the workmanship is guaranteed for life.

There is a full Engine warranty on all vehicles still under manufacturer’s warranty.

We also provide the 1st gas services for free.


At LPG Auto Network we can offer 6 months interest free to approved customers.

Courtesy car

Courtesy cars are available while your car is being converted.

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